About Us

Where it began:

Founded in 2016, Vesuvius started as an idea to incorporate comfort, quality and value into fashionable sportswear. During months of testing our products with co-founder Artem Lobov, UFC Fighter, we have increased our product lines to cater for both men and women, maintaining our core belief that good quality sportswear can be comfortable, affordable and stylish.

The brand:

Designed for those who want to push themselves as hard as they can physically go, Vesuvius is tailored for athletes by those who know how. No time is too quick, no obstacle too high, no target too small.

Obtain your peak performance with Vesuvius.

Our Core Values


First and foremost athletes need to feel empowered. Vesuvius prioritises satisfaction with our products because if you don't feel good you will not feel enabled to reach your summit.


We know what athletes put their bodies through and we see clothing as an extension of this. Our products have been tested to extremes to ensure that when you go all the way, your clothes will too.


Nobody wins unless everybody wins. We know what we’re worth but more importantly, we know what you're worth. At Vesuvius we pride ourselves on being best in market when it comes to value for product.


Our mission is to provide a product which inspires you to go beyond your perceived limits.

Don’t settle for base camp. Reach Your Summit.


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